How To Install YoWhatsApp To Avoid Ban & Use Banned Phone Number?


To avoid the WhatsApp Ban issue in YoWhatsApp or FMWhatsApp, you have to follow a different installation process now. Using this, you can use YoWhatsApp on your banned number as well without any problems. This installation process is for versions after v10.0. Don’t worry, this is a very simple process you can easily understand and get done. So, let’s get started.

Make sure to uninstall old versions of YoWhatsApp before installing new version (Take a Backup first and rename the folder to avoid data lose). It is imporant to uninstall old version first to make new one Anti-Ban.

How To Install YoWhatsApp To Avoid Ban & Use WhatsApp Banned Phone Number?

Install YoWhatsApp on WhatsApp Banned Phone Number
Install YoWhatsApp on WhatsApp Banned Phone Number

1. First of all, install Official WhatsApp from the Play Store and make an account on it with your phone number.

2. If you want to keep the chats, you must take the backup of the chats in the official WhatsApp.

3. Rename the WhatsApp folder inside File Manager (In Android phones with version 11 and higher go to, Android > Media > com.whatsapp) Rename it to com.yowhatsapp for YoWhatsApp and com.fmwhatsapp for FMWhatsApp.

If your phone is Android 10 or below version, you just have to rename the WhatsApp folder located in internal memory. From WhatsApp to YOWhatsApp or FMWhatsApp (whichever mod you are going to install)

4. Now, open this renamed folder and inside it, you will find one more folder with the name WhatsApp, just rename it to YOWhatsApp & FMWhatsApp

5. Install YoWhatsApp or FMWhatsApp on your phone (Button given below)

   Download YoWhatsApp (Anti-Ban)

   Download FMWhatsApp (Anti-Ban)

3. Now verify your number on YoWhatsApp. You will receive a confirmation code on the official WhatsApp app. Enter the code, that’s it.

It is possible that WhatsApp will force you to wait an hour or 8 hours until you can send the code again. Just wait, do not worry.

4. If you took a backup and renamed the folder as stated in steps 2 & 3, it will ask you to restore the backup. Simply, click Restore and you are done.

These are the only steps you have to follow to use YoWhatsApp on the Banned phone number. Make sure to follow all the steps carefully one by one.

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