How To Download YoWhatsApp On iPhone?


There are various mods for WhatsApp, and one of the best Mods out there is YoWhatsapp. At this point, you must be wondering how to download YoWhatsapp on iPhone, also called YoWhatsApp iOS. If this is the case, then you are at the right place, as this article will teach you everything about downloading YoWhatsApp on iPhone and some of the features of YoWhatsApp that may compel you to download this app for your own use.

The finest app for communicating, and exchanging images, videos, voice memos, and documents is WhatsApp. End-to-end encryption is WhatsApp’s best feature. Users are free to converse privately thanks to this property. But, it still lacks many useful features. YoWhatsapp further provides much more enticing features which may make you download YoWhatsApp.

How To Download YoWhatsApp On iPhone?

How To Download YoWhatsApp On iPhone?

People and particularly iPhone users, ask all the time if there is a possibility to download YoWhatsApp on iOS. They send questions to forums like how to download Yo WhatsApp on iPhone, how to install YoWhatsApp on iOS, or how to install YoWhatsApp on iPhone.

This section will answer all of these queries, and you can find the right answers here in this article. Simply put, it is not possible to download YoWhatsApp on iPhone. If anybody tells you otherwise or gives you some kind of file of YoWhatsApp on an iPhone, you should refrain from using that particular file. This is because that file might be some kind of virus and may mess with your iOS device.

YoWhatsAPp For iOS/iPhone

Since downloading YoWhatsApp on iPhone is not possible, users should not try to use this modded version of WhatsApp using files that are available online on various websites. YoWhatsapp can’t be installed on iPhone devices due to the fact that the modded version of most applications, including YoWhatsApp is banned on iOS devices. Due to this, the users are not able to download and install YoWhatsApp on iPhone, and you would not be able to take advantage of the amazing features of YoWhatsApp that are described in the next section.

Features That May Compel You To Download YoWhatsApp:

The app’s functionalities are identical to those of the original WhatsApp in every way. But we’ll focus on the novel features. Let’s check out some most loved YoWhatsApp features.

  • A message auto-reply can be set along with a message scheduler.
  • Recent, unseen, and view status can all be hidden.
  • The settings’ layout can be altered along with the ability to modify the interface’s color.
  • This app supports GIF categories.
  • Chat UI can be saved for later usage.
  • Before posting or uploading photographs to the status or a chat, you are permitted to zoom in on them and make edits.
  • The app has an Airplane mode option. This feature is brand-new and exclusive to this version of WhatsApp. You can turn off the “Forward to” button and conceal chats.
  • You can choose to clean out the backup WhatsApp database.
  • Codes are restructured to operate more quickly than usual.
  • You can switch between emojis while speaking. Furthermore, without loading, you can preview media.
  • Up to 30 MB in size, you can transmit videos.
  • One message can contain 90 images, and the character count for status words has been doubled from 139 to 250.
  • While copying the message to another contact, the date and phone number might be hidden, along with the ability to copy and paste the status.
  • The support has expanded to include more document file formats.


1. Describe YoWhatsApp

A WhatsApp MOD that makes adjustments and enhancements to the official application is called YOWhatsApp. It can be applied to provide WhatsApp with additional features. It is a development based on the original app’s source code that includes many tweaks.

It was a third party that developed the unauthorized WhatsApp. Many restrictions that cannot be removed with WhatsApp’s original version can be removed with the more feature-rich YOWA. YOWA is the best since it is practical and remarkably easy to use for both private and professional purposes.

2. Is YoWhatsApp Installation Safe?

Yes, installing YoWhatsApp on your Andoird smartphone is entirely secure. Since Yousef Al-Basha introduced it on the internet, I have been using it, and I’ve never had a problem with my phone before. So, it’s safe to say that installing YoWhatsApp is safe.

3. Can I Use Yowhatsapp To Run Two WhatsApp On My Phone?

You can, indeed. YoWa allows you to run dual WhatsApp on the same phone. How? By downloading the official WhatsApp App and YoWhatsApp on your phone. After that, you can register on each of them using a separate number.

4. How Can I Update YoWhatsApp To The Latest Version?

YoWhatsApp will automatically alert you when a new version is released. At that point, you can visit different websites on Google and immediately download the most recent version. Therefore, we advise you to bookmark a different page so that you may access it without having to look for it.

5. Can I Continue To Use My Official Whatsapp Phone Number On YoWhatsApp?

No, you cannot continue to use the same phone number that you have on the official WhatsApp. You can use that number on YoWhatsApp if you uninstall regular WhatsApp. Thus, using two instances of WhatsApp simultaneously on the same mobile device is not possible. Dual WhatsApp requires the usage of two distinct numbers if you want to utilize it.


I have covered every technique for downloading YoWhatsapp on iOS devices after extensive investigation. However, because of its high level of security, if you have any trouble downloading or installing this for iOS, there may be a problem with iOS devices. You can therefore utilize the official WhatsApp and Business WhatsApp apps for using dual accounts on your phone, that;s the only possibility for you. So, I hope now you are never going to search again on the internet for “How to Download YoWhatsApp on iPhone/iOS“. As I have already shared why it isn’t possible?

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