Top 10 Features Of YoWhatsApp You Must Know (YoWa)


YoWhatsApp is just like regular WhatsApp but with additional features. Like, with this software, you may alter text sizes, select distinctive backgrounds for each of your friends, and customize every discussion. Additionally, you can email over 700 photographs at once, as well as full-size pictures and movies. Finally, you may hide your contacts’ records with this program. But you might not find all of these features if you search for any Whatsapp mods on the internet. Below mentioned features are only available in the Yo WhatsApp app that we have shared on our website homepage.

Top 10 Features Of YoWhatsApp

Top 10 Features Of YoWhatsApp

In this article, I am going to tell you the Top 10 features of YoWhatApp. These features are the reason why millions of people chose YoWa over the official WhatsApp app. Have a look at these features one by one:

  1. Anti-Delete Messages


When someone deletes a message from a chat in the original WhatsApp, you can no longer see it. You can still view messages that the person on the other end has deleted using YoWhatsapp. Nobody will ever try to keep something from you again. This one enables you to view videos and stories from friends who have already erased such information. As a result, you are not blind to what has been happening. The recipient would not see your title in their list of status views if you used this marking. Simply put, you are invisible. People can’t see you, but you will be able to view his state.

  1. YoThemes


When you’re bored and want to change the appearance of your interface, you always turn to our store. You can enjoy utilizing over 4000 themes for free and give them a try. The Homepage and Conversation Screens can be customized. You have complete freedom to alter the conversation interface and home screen any way you see fit. Change the way the tabs, text, background, and other elements on your screen appear. You have absolute control over how they look. Control numerous aspects of the presentation, such as the background color of the tabs, the text color, and more. changes the colors of yowahatsapp, themes, and saves status for you.

  1. Custom Privacy (Hide Last Seen, Double Tick, Blue Ticks)


To protect your privacy, WhatsApp lets you turn off the last seen and blue tick features. You can try these features right away if you haven’t before. Both options are listed in the messaging app’s privacy menu. Because some users prefer that others remain in the dark about their message reading habits, both functionalities are offered as choices. Here’s how to enable or disable the blue ticks and last seen features. Simply launch the WhatsApp app and go to the Settings area if you wish to hide your last seen. Now select Privacy from the Account section. The first one means that everyone with your WhatsApp number can view your most recent location. The second option limits who can view your last seen on WhatsApp to just your contacts.

  1. Send Long Videos


The maximum video size for YoWhatsApp is 700MB while on the official app it is only 16MB. The creators deserve all the praise. The download section contains the link. As soon as the updated version is released, we will update the URL. Therefore, save the page if you don’t want to miss a YoWhatsApp update. Although WhatsApp can send several short movies, it cannot deliver huge ones. You can use the original WhatsApp for short videos. However, you can send videos up to WhatsApp’s maximum size using this YoWhatsApp. In the original version of WhatsApp, the maximum video size is restricted, and you may only transmit brief movies.

  1. In-Built App Lock


There are many features included in the official app. Within minutes, you may send messages that include movies, documents, and photographs. With each update, WhatsApp also adds new functions. However, the majority of consumers want new features. The issue is that Whatsapp only has a few functionalities. As a result, third-party and modified versions of WhatsApp are quite popular since they satisfy user needs.

  1. Freeze Last Seen


You can appear to have been online for 8 hours by freezing your “last seen,” even though you were only online for 8 seconds. Go to settings by tapping the three dots in the upper right corner of your WhatsApp screen. Let’s get back to it.

  • Choose accounts, then privacy, from the settings menu.
  • To make yourself visible to everyone, turn on the Last Seen option.
  • Next, select the option to hide your Online Status under the Privacy area of your YoWhatsApp account.
  • All of your contacts will then be able to see your frozen “last seen” time once you select the “Hide Online Status” option.
  • The time you chose to Hide your online status will be the time stamp they see.
  1. Dual WhatsApp


This inspired to modify of the WhatsApp app and provide a free customized version that can be used as WhatsApp 2, making it possible to use two Types of social media on one dual-sim Android phone or an iPhone using a dual-sim adapter since the iPhone doesn’t currently model two sims but plans to do so soon. Go to any apk app directory, the official website, or the settings on your Android to enable the ability to download third-party apps.

  1. Download Status


As you all know, the official WhatsApp doesn’t provide any feature to download Status Images/Videos on your device. But, on YoWa, you can download your contact’s Story Status on your device easily by simply clicking on the Download button while watching the story. ๐Ÿ˜‰


All the traditional functionalities are included, but new ones that deal with things like user privacy or interface customization have also been included. As you can see, YoWhatsapp new features for the chat and messaging app include small functional and performance enhancements as well as features that significantly improve the user experience on the most widely used mobile communications app.

  1. Block Specific Person From Calling


You can simply block any specific person from calling you on WhatsApp with this amazing feature in YoWhatsApp. To enable this feature, follow these steps:

  • Open YoWhatsApp, and tap on the top right corner Three Dots.
  • Tap on FMMODS > Privacy and Security > Who can call me?
  • Now, select My contacts except… option and select your desired contact to block from calling.


These are the top 10 most useful features of YoWhatsApp. I am pretty sure you have now decided to download this amazing mod on your Android phone. Well, you can simply download it from this link. We are providing you with the latest version of Yo WhatsApp for the last 3 years and we will keep serving you the same. Download this amazing app now and experience the above-mentioned feature yourself.

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